Making Memories

Making memories. It’s what life is all about. Memories are important, they are the patches that weave the blanket of life together, and make you feel warm and happy when you get wrapped up inside them. They give stories to tell your children, to talk about over a glass of wine with your besties, they fulfill your soul and make you laugh (or cry) when you really, really need it.

When you see old friends, new friends and family, conversation is very often centered around memories. Reminiscing is one of my favourite things to do, from childhood holidays, weddings, girls trips, or what happened on Friday night after a few too many espresso martinis, it’s always good to remember. It brings people together in a way that nothing else can, because you shared something together, no matter how minuscule, and that’s incredibly special.

This has been such a busy year for me, probably the busiest year of my life so far, but this means I have racked up a huge amount of happy memories, and I love to have ways of looking back and remembering what I’ve done and places I’ve been, and most importantly, the people I shared them with.

One of the best ways to do this is by looking at photos. Mood boards, wall displays and scrap books are great ways of making sure your favourite memories are where you can see them, and also make great gifts. I love personalised gifts like this, and plan to make a scrapbook for my most recent trip to Bali, with photos along with travel tickets, notes and other bits I collected.

Most of the photos we take now are on our smartphones, and often we take them and forget they’re there until that oh so annoying ‘memory full’ message pops up, and we have to trawl through and delete some of these precious memories. I know myself and many friends who have had empty photo frames on their shelves for years, with the majority of us rarely actually printing their photos. Photo print shops seem to have disappeared from the high street, and decent home printers can be expensive, especially they aren’t used often.

I recently discovered a company called Printiki, and one of the reasons I love their prints is the different options available for the style of prints. My favourites are the square and retro styles, they are so me! I decided to print some of my favourite recent memories to give to friends, to finally fill the frames in my home, and to make a very special scrapbook. Whichever way you like to display your favourite memories, Printiki has a style for you. My order arrived so quickly and I was massively impressed with he quality of the prints. I chose the matte finish because I knew they would photograph better, particularly good for flatlays for your blog or Instagram shots!

Printiki have kindly given me discount code for you all to get free delivery with your next order. Head to the website here and just enter the code KCHEJNBA at the checkout.

Comment below with your favourite memories, and let me know if you share any of your Printiki prints on Instagram!

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post. I may receive a small payment if you use the discount code above. This won’t affect your purchase in any way.



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