My blog started in November 2016 as a way of helping my mental health. I wanted to be able to show my creative side, to help myself feel happier and hopefully help others to do the same. Most of all, I wanted to have fun with my blog, using it to talk about the things I love, things that matter to me, and just do what I love to do; write! Writing, or any form of creativity, is an amazing outlet. I truly believe that everyone has a creative side in some form, and that it can help people overcome so much. What began as a blog mainly about positivity and mental health has been rebranded and developed into a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, although my main priority is to always spread positive vibes.

I currently live in Newcastle, but have also lived in Ibiza, Glasgow and Edinburgh. I’m just about to finish a degree in English Literature with the Open University, and have been studying alongside my full time job for five years. I’m working at Newcastle University, working on the eLearning programmes for the Faculty of Medical Sciences, and have set up my own business as a freelance writer and editor.

I discovered blogs quite late in the game, when I started mine I had no idea that fashion and beauty blogs existed, let alone how to set one up. As soon as I realised how much fun could be had with blogging, I searched for blogs that inspired me and motivated me, and toriapetrie.com developed. Up until now, my blogging has been fairly sporadic, and many a post has been deleted, but as my confidence grows and my degree comes to an end, I’m throwing myself into this fully. My blog is continually growing and improving, and I’m excited to see where this leads me to next!

Toria x