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I am always looking to discover new brands and products that I can incorporate into my daily routine and style. If you think I would like your product, please contact me at to request my postal address.  I appreciate all products that are gifted to me, but please note I will only feature products which I love and feel passionate about, and there is no guarantee your product will be featured on my blog or my Instagram.


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I only feature brands, products, places and services that I genuinely love and believe in, would purchase myself, and would recommend to friends. I am entirely grateful for every offer received, however I won’t accept offers that do not sit with my personal views and values. If I try products that don’t work for me, I will be honest about this or will not feature them. I will not post any pre-written articles from companies, it is important that all writing and opinions are my own.


I will always be clear about which posts are relating to products which are sponsored or gifted. I will occasionally use affiliated links, including ShopStyle Collective, which means that I receive a small percentage of commission. This does not affect you or the cost of your purchase, as the commission comes directly to the retailer as a token of appreciation for showing you their products.

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